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Forum highlights 2017:

  • Prospects for exploration in the context of low mineral resources price
  • Geological exploration fostering methods and investments for mineral resources base recovery
  • NEW! IT in geological exploration. IT Know How and the ways to ensure optimal efficiency through the analysis of ongoing exploration conditions.
  • Onshore and offshore exploration. News from the project operators and opportunities for exploration companies
  • Operator-subcontractor: the productive dialog. Where the required technological “know-how” will be delivered from?
  • The main directions of expanding the companies’ resource base in the context of low oil prices. Strengthening exploration projects justification, the rejection of projects with an increased risk. Ways of production costs reducing and enhancing the technological innovation efficiency.
  • Results of new classification of HCS reserves introduction. To what extent does the new system stimulate exploration?
  • Finance as a key factor of implementing the wide range of geological exploration. What are the most effective means of finance?
  • Support of domestic manufacturers of geophysical, drilling and other associated equipment.
  • New seismic prospecting methods and their successful implementation: from project works to data interpretation.

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