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Among speakers in 2016:

Aleksey Varlamov, general director, VNIGNI

Aleksey Varlamov, General Director,

Oleg Prischepa, general director, VNIGRI

Oleg Prischepa, General Director,

Igor Shpurov, general director, FGU state commission on mineral reserves of Russia

Igor Shpurov, General Director,
FGU State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Russia

Baltabek Kuandykov, president, Kazakhstan association of petroleum Geologists

Baltabek Kuandykov, President,
Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists

Rais Khisamov, deputy general director, Tatneft

Rais Khisamov, Deputy General Director,

Anatoliy Dmitrievskiy, director, institute of oil and gas of the russian academy of sciences

Anatoliy Dmitrievskiy, Director,
Institute of Oil and Gas of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Post-event press-release: the 2nd international conference «Geological exploration 2015»

We sincerely thank all the participants of the 2nd strategic conference “Geological exploration 2015” for their contribution to the event success!

The conference was held on November 11 in Moscow in partnership with JSC “Rosgeologiya”. The event was attended by over 170 representatives of government, mining and technology companies and representatives of the scientific community. 30 key information reports were presented about the plans of the state to encourage the exploration of the current and perspective projects of Russian and Kazakhstanian producing companies, innovative technologies – seismic and non-seismic methods of exploration.

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Industry news

Donskoy: geological survey investments could be increased
Sergey Donskoy, Head of the Ministry of Nature of Russia does not exclude that the investments in exploration companies will be increased. He has recently told the media about this, concluding the “government hour” in the Federation Council.

“In my opinion, it is necessary to bear in mind that the adoption of the resolutions for the exploration really depends on the season and accumulation of funds. Therefore, in the middle of the year, the price (of oil – ed.) has increased and it is likely that companies, guided by growing prices, will lay the increase. But this estimate is preliminary”, – said the minister.These issues will be discussed in more detail lately in the course of meetings with the oil companies and mining companies top management.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources said that approximately in the second half of 2016 he wants to discuss exploration plans with the oil producers, and in the nearest future to meet with companies-subsoil users.

It was also reported that oil companies are not going to cut investment in the exploration program at the price of a barrel of oil at $ 50-60.

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