III International Conference, 9 November, Moscow


Among speakers in 2015:

Sergey Donskoy, Minister of natural resources and environment
Russian Federation

Roman Panov, General director,

Igor Shpurov, General Director,
FGU State Commission on Mineral Reserves of Russia

Baltabek Kuandykov, President,
Kazakhstan Association of Petroleum Geologists

Alexey Davydov

Alexey Davydov, General Director,
Gazprom Geologorazvedka

Rais Khisamov

Rais Khisamov, Deputy General Director,

Alexey Vashkevich, Head of Geological Exploration and Resource Base Development,
Gazprom neft

Yuriy Ampilov, Head of the Russian office,
Petroleum Geo-Services

Alexander Mityukov,
Deputy General Director of Geology,
Deputy General Director of Geology

Sergey Delia, Deputy Director General for exploration,

Oleg Silayenkov, Chief Geophysician,
Yandex. Terra

Tatyana Kiryanova, Head of department of geologican and technological solutions,

Vyacheslav Chirkov, Chief Geologist,

Anatoly Brekhuntsov, General Director,

Kirill Strizhnev, General Director,
Khanty-Mansi Oil and Gas Union

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Key features it’s time to act! Strategies and prospects of geological exploration:

  • How do the Government’s geological exploration plans change in today’s economic situation? What is the effect of the restrictive measures imposed by the West?
  • The creation of import substitution program in the field of oil and gas exploration and production. What is wrong with buying technologies via third countries, what does the state plan to do?
  • SPECIAL FOCUS: What are the collaboration updates between Russia and Kazakhstan in geological exploration to identify new promising oil fields? Progress of the Eurasia international project – geological exploration underway in the Caspian Depression
  • Business initiatives to develop NEW PROVINCES and maintain oil production volumes.

Project updates. Russia and CIS.

  • What are the perspectives of new on- and offshore oil and gas fields in Russia?
  • The Arctic Sea. Perspectives of seismic region in Barents, Kars and Laptev seas.
  •  Geological exploration in the Caspian Depression? On which stage is the realisation of Eurasia project?
  • Key details of the exploration agreement for the shallow area around the Absheron Peninsula (Azerbaijan). Overseas partners bidding for exploration.
  • Exploration of four oil-and-gas-promising areas in Tajikistan: Sarikamysh (Shakhrinavsky district), Sargazon (Dangariysky district), Rengan (Rudaki district), and West Shaambari (Gissarsky district).
  • Uzbekistan’s resources. Geological exploration in the Aral sea.

Breakthrough technologies and innovations:

  • NEW! ROAD SHOW – LIVE TECHNOLOGIES! The latest technologies in a nutshell – blazing-fast, inspiring, intense and efficient!
  • 3D and 4D wide azimuth exploration
  • Multi-wave and seismic well logging – case records and challenges
  • Non conventional seismic surveying (passive seismic surveying etc.)
  • Achievements in data acquisition and interpretations of seismic research. Unique technologies – are there any?
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